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  • Preparation of static visualizations of interiors and exteriors

  • Delivery to construction sites in the city of Zagreb

  • Works are performed in entire Croatia and abroad

About Us

Since the times of ancient Greek and Roman temples and edifices, STONE has been acknowledged a special status in ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DECORATION, as well as in making of various stone elements and creations.

Therefore, welcome to our website “KING OF STONE”, to the world of ETERNAL STONE, thousands of years old building material, which we would like to present you in detail.

Stone is an eternal material. This has been proved by many edifices from the past, which have been preserved until the present thanks to that very material. A mere glance at the magnificent stone edifices from the past arouses respect towards stone.

Stone has always been inspiring with its beauty and strength in the remnants of most different cultures: the pyramids (Egyptian, Incan and Mayan), marble sculptures, sacral buildings...

The most probable reason is that stone has always been abundantly offered, so that, as a scientist quite conveniently put it, „in the past it was a weapon, tool, jewellery, dwelling and tomb for a man“. In other words, since the ancient times, stone has been and remained the preferred building material of exclusive and powerful looks and, as it is often emphasised, the ETERNAL building material.

The selection of products/types of stone and services in our company is truly wide; briefly, everything is offered at one spot, together with procurement and installation:
  • Traditional and modern methods of installation and procurement of all types of stone and stone surfaces
  • Processing and treatment of all types of stone at the customer’s request
  • Stonemasonry products
  • A complete experience of stone and the nature by means of decorative rocks
  • Processing and making of all types of ornaments for various purposes

Atmospheric and other influences are an important factor affecting the useful life and appearance of stone. Therefore it is important to choose the right type of stone for a certain purpose, as well as the place of installation, in order to keep it eternal and powerful.

If you are not sure which type, thickness or design of stone you should choose and at which place you should install it, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with our advice, suggestions and performance, i.e. installation of first-class stone.

Cement Flex Overlay In addition to the wide range of granite, marble and stone selections we have launched the brand new and the most innovative facade, wall and floor systems used for making unique and exclusive facades, floors, interior and exterior decorations as well as swimming pools, saunas, spas, bathrooms Exclusive and yacht products. All of the above mentioned is made using the „Cement–flex-Stone-King of Stone“ and „Overlay King of Stone“ materials. Our premium product was recognized by our business partners from the USA who have invested 10 mil. US$ in the production of our materials "Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone" and "Overlay King of Stone". 14 among the world's top chemical technologists have worked on the development of this unique material in order to make it perfect. There are 33 employees in the production as well as additional 75 certified and educated employees able to perform any time the most demanding and unique projects and details using the “Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone” and “Overlay King of Stone” materials. The materials „Cement–flex-Stone-King of Stone“ and „Overlay King of Stone“ have already been recognized and used in interiors and exteriors in Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Russia, USA, France and Italy. The materials „Cement–flex-Stone-King of Stone“ and „Overlay King of Stone“ are certified and produced in accordance with the EU standards. The materials „Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone” and „Overlay King of Stone“ are natural materials, they do not contain epoxy resins, superplasticizers, resins, additives or carcinogenic substances. The materials possess exceptional resistance to wear, frost, salt and acid rains as well as supreme adhesiveness and excellent permanent firmness. The only material in the world that adheres very well to glass, plastic materials, wood, metal and to all types of concrete and gypsum-lime surfaces. Using the materials “Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone” and “Overlay King of Stone” we can cover 75% of building related works, e.g. facades, floors, ceilings, entire interiors, exteriors, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Adhesiveness to glass

Adhesiveness to plastics

Adhesiveness to wood

Adhesiveness to metal

We consider it a great privilege to have been invited to INOVA 2011 exhibition of inventions where we presented the most innovative materials "Overlay King of Stone" and "Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone".
Among 450 exhibitors from Croatia and abroad, we were awarded a gold medal in the field of civil engineering for 2011, by an international jury.

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