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  • Preparation of static visualizations of interiors and exteriors

  • Delivery to construction sites in the city of Zagreb

  • Works are performed in entire Croatia and abroad

Decorative stone

We consider it a great privilege to have been invited to INOVA 2011 exhibition of inventions where we presented the most innovative materials "Overlay King of Stone" and "Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone".
Among 450 exhibitors from Croatia and abroad, we were awarded a gold medal in the field of civil engineering for 2011, by an international jury.

Ukrasne stijene i barokni kamen 1

Decorative stones Flex and Overlay have raised the bar. Preserving the nature, at the same time they remain within the boundaries of the nature. DREAMS DO COME TRUE

Decorative stones Flex and Overlay are made of natural materials, which are additionally reinforced with fibres and colour hardeners. Thanks to the quality of all components, decorative stones Flex and Overlay behave like a single whole, which means that overload cannot cause fissures between joints or raising and sagging. Flex and Overlay remain unchanged even under the load of a truck of over 40 tons/sq. m. Thanks to this technological novelty and special formula, the nuances and colours of decorative stones Flex and Overlay remain stable.

This innovative technology, similar to fingerprint recording, enables imitation of all types of reliefs, decorations and all types of stone and plates, as well as colours. It enables obtaining the finished floor, wall, ceiling or facade by direct application of the same material, so that the final appearance is obtained in the desired form and colour.
This technology offers unlimited possibilities so that we can make replicas of cars, wood, aircraft, all types of furniture, castle, house, sacral buildings, film industry props, sculptures, all types of ornaments, sauna, spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and all other things from the natural and other environments.

The material adheres very well to glass, plastic materials, wood, metal and all types of concrete surfaces.

ā€œThe priority criterion for any decorative stone is its appearance, today but also in the future.
Decorative stone products are manufactured manually, using a palette of natural colours covering all the nuances of natural stone.ā€

Due to the low weight of decorative stone, no additional racks or strengtheners are needed. Decorative stone is installed by gluing.

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