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  • Preparation of static visualizations of interiors and exteriors

  • Delivery to construction sites in the city of Zagreb

  • Works are performed in entire Croatia and abroad

Benkovac stone

Natural stone
For years, the mainland was gradually settling and was finally covered by the seawater mass. Stone/limestone was gradually leaving sediment in the formed shallow seawater mass.

Pieces of stone can be processed already in the quarry, such as, for example, making of rectangular elements. It is also possible to obtain relatively small stone elements, 10 x 25 cm in size. Such small stone pieces are usually separated from the rest and sorted out manually. They are also partially processed manually, before putting them together. In any case it is possible to make various stone elements and creations.
The beauty and quality of ÔÇťourÔÇŁ natural stone, i.e. limestone has been long known outside the borders of our country:
the stone of Benkovac, Bra─Ź, Trogir... these are CroatiaÔÇÖs best known types of stone.

We consider it a great privilege to have been invited to INOVA 2011 exhibition of inventions where we presented the most innovative materials "Overlay King of Stone" and "Cement-flex-Stone-King of Stone".
Among 450 exhibitors from Croatia and abroad, we were awarded a gold medal in the field of civil engineering for 2011, by an international jury.

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